Plan. Experiment. Exhibition planning made easy: Curate shows online, meticulously and within minutes. Drag & drop artworks onto walls, size and frame them, and get a real-world feel. Test your most experimental ideas. Save time and money.
Reach out. Globally. Upload your digital photos and instantly create beautiful museum-like exhibitions! Designed to help you reach vast new audiences by providing them with comprehensive information about your work. Build your fan base.
Explain what’s behind your expressions. Let visitors know about the layers behind your designs. Add essential backstory information, for a more in-depth understanding of your creation. Upload audio tours that give visitors a stimulating and engaging way to connect with your artworks.
Earn Income from Your Art. We provide you with effective tools to make it easy for buyers to purchase your artworks. Soon, we will offer a premium escrow payment system, as well as a print-on-demand program. With SandboxGallery, you're in business instantly.


Artists, Photographers


SandboxGallery is like a real gallery, but without the high rental costs and commissions. Our online art exhibitions allow you to curate meaningful dialogues between artworks, while maintaining the integrity of your creation according to your own vision. Whether for a new body of work, an entire portfolio, or a group show, SandboxGallery makes your work shine for the whole world to see. Promote your art, increase online sales, and be more active in search engines. With our online galleries we help you reach vast new audiences and give collectors the chance to discover your talent.




Our rental and custom online galleries are the fastest and most accurate way to plan an exhibition. Our online exhibition's spaces give you a true, realistic impression of how your exhibition will look like upon setup. Check all possible perspectives, exactly the way a visitor would see them. Collaborate with colleagues and artists on the presentation of artworks, no matter where they are. Let online visitors experience your shows the way they are meant to be seen: in a three-dimensional exhibition space. Install the plugin, and it simply runs in your notebook browser.




Amaze your audience by bringing your gallery straight to their doorsteps, as an exact digital replica! Your online exhibitions will be accessible to anyone or a restricted group of people. You can host multiple exhibitions at the same time: show your represented artists permanently, within their own solo shows, or bring out all your stocks. Reach out globally and earn additional profits through online sales. Our escrow system will make transactions anti-fraud protected and easy, no matter where you are.




Art is a live experience. A digital replica of your museum enhances just that. It will boost your online visitors' interest in your activities, and make them hungry to see more and come to you. Allure them with a sensational 3D preview of your current or upcoming exhibition. Let them visit your past shows, collections or stocks. Add information and audio tours to enhance the visitors‘ learning experience, and use our app for on-site visitors. Why not open an additional online gallery and extend your museum?




Curatorial experience is central in today‘s art industry. SandboxGallery offers art and curatorial students a much needed training space. They can work out different curatorial concepts and debate them from their homes or classrooms. This makes students’ visions come to life in an extremely realistic and stimulating environment. Exhibit students' work without spacial restrictions. Or imagine presenting your historical art research in the form of an exhibition that everyone can visit from their computers.




As a collector, you are guided by your very own vision of art. This is where SandboxGallery comes in. With a collection of works hand-chosen through the years, you can either show it to a select circle of friends; or to anyone globally. Rent one of our pre-built galleries, or let us design a private museum according to your personal specifications. Hang and frame your artworks without physical effort. Within your personal gallery, you can move and rearrange your collection as often as you wish, within minutes.




Showing their treasures within a museum-like exhibition space is off limits for many archives. Not anymore. With SandboxGallery, you can make your collection accessible globally, just like this. Rent one of our top-notch pre-built exhibition spaces. Or let us design a unique exhibition space for you, according to your specifications. Imagine staging monthly thematic shows. They will boost viewers’ interest in your activities. Every piece can be tagged with information to deepen visitors’ experience.



SandboxGallery offers a broad range of benefits to help art professionals thrive in the digital age.
ANYWHERE - Online exhibitions never close
- Accessible worldwide
- Cross-platform, browser-based
- No costly software needed
- Share on social networks
- Embed onto personal website
LIKE A REAL GALLERY - Photorealistic 3D galleries
- Immersive experience
- Move and explore freely
- Full HD resolution, finest details
- Customized frames and mattes
SAVE TIME AND MONEY - Fast exhibition planning and mounting
- Reach vast audiences
- Remote collaboration and curating
- Create a fan base
- Be in business instantly
- Print photos on demand (coming soon)
EARN AND CONNECT - Get a boost of exposure
- Earn income by selling online
- Be the innovator in your community
- Be your own gallerist
- Manage collectors' relations
- Low fees, no commissions
- Build trust through escrow
CURATE - Fast and precise
- Collaborative exhibition planning, from anywhere
- Real world feeling
- Experiment as never before
- Create complex curatorial narratives
- Customize with matte, frames, etc.
- Create meaningful dialogues
- Preserve scale of artworks
BEYOND BOUNDARIES - Absolute freedom on hangings
- Show stored artworks
- Exhibit fragile pieces
- Unlimited number of artworks
- As much space as desired
- Customize your galleries


Have you ever wondered why some artists are so successful? If you want to gain recognition, you need to do an excellent job of branding yourself. We help you gain a professional look on the web, while effectively promoting your creation.

EMAIL OUT You can easily create a link to your personal SandboxGallery and invite visitors, collectors and friends to see your exhibit. If they visit you for the first time, they might be asked to install the plugin. It downloads and installs in seconds and is completely safe.
EMBED IT Your SandboxGallery can be embedded easily within your personal website, blog, etc. through an HTML code. Allure your visitors to become collectors. Make your online gallery the focal point of your website.
SHARE IT Go where your visitors are. SandboxGallery is designed to comply with today’s standards of communication. Post and tweet to let visitors find you. Watch your exhibition go viral, as viewers are impressed with your presentation.
GET FEATURED SandboxGallery is an online artists community, where both art lovers and collectors browse for stunning creations. As a member, you will be automatically listed in the member's exhibitions section. Seriously improve your visibility!



Create a free account and select your favourite art gallery from our library of 20+ pre-made models. You will find a range of uniquely-styled, high-quality online exhibition spaces inspired by top galleries from around the globe.


Select the images (jpg, tiff) you wish to exhibit within your personal SandboxGallery. Click on the folder icon and upload. Your images will immediately show up in a catalog within your 3D exhibition space. Create folders for different artists or for entire bodies of work.


Size your artworks, add mattes, frames and text or audio descriptions. Then, simply drag them onto walls and drop wherever you wish. Exact measurements appear in order to give you full control over positioning. Experiment and rearrange as often as you like.


Once you are satisfied with your online exhibition, publish it. Rent your gallery or profit from our affordable flat rates. Make it the eye-catcher of your own personal website or blog, get featured on our website, and share the link on social media and emails.


Free unlimited trial
You can test out SandboxGallery for free, without limitations - all galleries and all sizes, with no time limit. Just create an account and start curating. You will be asked to pay only when you are happy with the results and want to share your exhibition with the world!

Per-gallery or flat rate
When publishing your exhibition, choose between the per-gallery rate or the flat rate option. While the per-gallery option fits a tighter budget, the flat rate allows you to share your entire portfolio or host multiple exhibitions at the same time.

Your own custom gallery
We love to tailor your personal exhibition hall to your needs. Whether it’s an exact replica of your brick-and-mortar gallery or a fictitious, online-only gallery according to your specifications: we will bring it to life in a truly realistic way. Click here for prices.

PER GALLERY $14/19/23/29/Mo
FLAT-RATE $39/79/109/Mo
  • Access to 1 S/M/L/XL-size gallery
  • S-size fits 5 to 15 artworks
  • M-size fits 10 to 30 artworks
  • L-size fits 15 to 50 artworks
  • XL-size fits 15 to 80 artworks
  • Re-arrange works as often as desired
  • Customization of galleries
  • All available framing and matte options
  • Add audio tours
  • Get contacted by buyers
  • Eligible to get featured
  • Customer support
  • 5, 15 or 25 parallel shows 
  • Choose from all available gallery models and sizes
  • Show your entire portfolio or represented artists permanently 
  • Embed into your website
  • Re-arrange works as often as desired
  • Customization of galleries
  • all available framing and matte options
  • Add audio tours
  • Get contacted by buyers
  • Eligible to get featured
  • Customer support


You can access your SandboxGalleries from any computer, on either Windows or Mac. Our application runs in most popular web browsers, such as Safari, Chrome, FireFox. For use on mobile devices, download our app which will soon be available.
SandboxGallery enables you to view stunning 3D content directly in your browser. The free Unity plugin is recommended to display this content in superior quality and with advanced features, such as a handy artwork catalogue, guided audio tours, HD display of artworks etc. On your first visit, you will be prompted to install it. It's popular, safe, free and downloads quickly. Without the Unity plugin, the SandboxGallery lite version, based on flash, will be displayed.
Artworks are created to be exhibited. They need to be seen in relation to other artworks and a spacial environment. SandboxGallery enables you to establish meaningful dialogues between artworks, of which a 2D slide show common to most websites is never capable.
Artworks are created to be exhibited. They need to be seen in relation to other artworks and a spacial environment. SandboxGallery enables you to establish meaningful dialogues between artworks, of which a 2D slide show common to most websites is never capable.
If you decide not to use your gallery or galleries anymore, you can cancel your subscription at any time by the end of a billing month. Your exhibitions will remain, but you will not be able to share them with others unless you renew your subscription. After 6 months following the cancellation, they will be deleted.
Video will soon be accepted. However, the performance of your gallery may dump when adding too much video within one single exhibition, depending on your internet connection and system specifications.
We now offer a flash version of SandboxGallery. This allows visitors to explore the exhibitions without installing any plugin, directly from their browser! This is only a very light solution, which offers reduced functionalities and performance. Thus, we strongly recommend that all visitors download and install the Unity plugin to benefit from the full functionality. In order to edit an exhibition you will need the Unity plugin.
We’ve developed our application to work as well on outdated or low-end systems. We did our best to provide you with an amazing performance on any system, even a five or six year old notebook. More vram and fast internet is a plus though.
Yes, very soon. Touch devices make it even more fun to navigate your SandboxGalleries. However, smartphone and tablet browsers are not ready to display 3D content. Our free app will solve the problem. We are working hard to offer you mobile device compatibility as soon as possible.
We want to allow you to try out SandboxGallery for free. We’re certain you’ll be hooked by the quality of our product! Just create an account and you’ll be able to start using and creating exhibitions without entering any payment information. Pay only when you are happy with your exhibition and wish to publish, share, or embed it.
Our exhibition spaces are highly photo-realistic and freely navigable. They give you full control to customize your shows and stage your artworks. Galleries are designed in different styles and sizes to suit art professionals’ needs. Your exhibitions are accessible from any browser and stored safely in the cloud.