Your existing gallery or museum as an exact virtual replica


Most curators still use dollhouse-like models to plan their exhibits, spending long hours arranging and rearranging artworks. Save time, effort and hassle with SandboxGallery, where within a few clicks, you can see what your exhibition will look like upon setup. Check all possible perspectives, exactly the way a visitor would view them. It‘s fast, cheap, accurate and flexible.


Your gallery space is your corporate identity. Bring it to your clients’ doorsteps, even those who live far away from you. You can replicate your current exhibitions, archive your past ones and even host multiple shows online. In fact, you can permanently exhibit all of your artists, within their own solo shows, for as long as you wish. Continue earning profits through online sales.


Art is a live experience. A replica of your museum enhances just that. It will boost visitor‘s interest and make them hungry to come to you. Allure them with a 3D preview of your current or upcoming show. Let them visit your past exhibitions or stocks. Add information and audio tours to enhance their experience. Why not enlarge your museum by opening an online-only gallery?



We will measure your physical gallery space to exacting detail, document textures, ambiance, light levels and furniture styles, using both photography and video. Alternatively, you provide us with all relevant information.


Our modelers completely handcraft your gallery, building it from scratch to make it as accurate and unique as possible. We use the latest achievements in 3D modeling, to ensure that each project becomes a jaw-dropping success story.


Once created, your gallery is handed over to you. You can immediately start installing your exhibitions, using the built-in editor. We can redesign your website in order to make your virtual gallery its focus point.


Our services are tailored to the size and complexity of the project. But, like you, we hate sites that get the viewer all excited and then say, "Contact us for a quote". Here are some starting points: A highly-defined exhibition space or hall starts at approximately 3,000 USD, plus annual hire.
You can also get your custom gallery without the burden of high initial costs. To make it accessible for every budget, we offer attractive finance leasing plans, from 249 USD/month, contract minimum duration 12 or 24 month.

Further custom services:
  • Integration of your existing collections database
  • Your own branded iOS and Android app
  • Redesign of your website