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Enabling the unity3d plugin in Firefox Version 52+ (March 2017)


The March 2017 release of Firefox (Version 52) disables plugins such as Java and unity3d which use the NPAPI technology. Chrome started this trend of plugin-free websites and other browsers followed. Unfortunately our exhibitions are best viewed using the unity3d plugin (as opposed to Flash or the upcoming WebGL version which runs way too slow).

Hint: You can also use our Android app to view exhibitions on your tablet or phone.


To re-activate the unity3d plugin in Firefox

A setting needs to be configured manually:

  1. Enter about:config in the adress bar (or click the link) - this opens the page for Firefox internal settings (ignore the warning and proceed).
  2. Right-click in the list and select New > Boolean from the menu - this creates a new entry.
  3. Name the new entry plugin.load_flash_only and select False as its value.
  4. Restart Firefox - now unity3d should work (provided it is installed, which you can do here)

If you don't want to edit settings, you can also install a special Version that extends the support for plugins, which you can download from here:


Sorry for the inconveniences. We are working on a better solution.

Enjoy the exhibitions!


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