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Chrome does not install unity!


Update: Unfortunately Chrome has permanently disabled all kinds of Plugins such as Java (using the NPAPI technology), and so will other Browsers. It is currently only possible to install the unity3D plugin in Internet Explorer or Firefox (since March 2017 Firefox also disables this support by default but it can be reactivated, see here). 


Old article (does not apply to the latest version of Chrome any more, but works up to version 45):

As of Version 42, Chrome disables the unity plugin by default (together with many other plugins using NPAPI technology). 

You can either re-enable the plugin support yourself, or simply use another browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari.

To use unity in Chrome, please follow the steps, illustrated in the attached images. 

  1. Enter "chrome://flags" in the Chrome address bar (without the quotes) and press Enter. 
  2. Find the "NPAPI" setting and enable it. 
  3. Restart the browser (there is a button at the bottom). 
  4. Try again opening the exhibition you wanted to visit (or the editor) - you should now see a gray area - right-click it and choose "Run this plugin", then SandboxGallery will finally start. 

Sorry for the inconveniences, we are working on a solution for this problem. 

PS: This also applies to Opera, which is Chrome internally. 


chrome-enable-npapi.png chrome-enable-npapi.png
chrome-enable-plugin.png chrome-enable-plugin.png

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