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[Updated March 2017] The plugin doesn't show up or won't install correctly


At the first time you visit an exhibition, you might need to install the unity plugin, please follow the instructions on the page and installer. This should work automatically, but see below for exceptions and how to do a manual installation.

Chrome-Users: Chrome won't allow the unity3d plugin any more (only the Flash-version), sorry (details).

Firefox-Users: Firefox blocks all plugins by default but you can re-enable them (see how here).

For mere visitors we have a Flash-based version to view exhibitions without installing the unity plugin (Lite featureless version which is not as performant as the unity3d plugin). 

For mobile devices we have an Android app (soon also for iPhone/iPad). 

Should you see a warning about the plugin being blocked, you might need to update it. 

Should the update not be successful, please try the manual installation (see here for steps:

Note: You need to be logged in as an administrator on your computer (this should solve installation problems on MacOS, on Windows download and right-click the installer file and chose Run as administrator), i.e. not only enter the credentials when asked, but log in to your computer as an administrator when you start, in order to install the plugin successfully (which you have to do that only once).

We currently support the following browsers:

You should be using one of the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7 or higher
  • MacOS X
  • Linux is not supported, requires PipeLight and manual installation
  • Android (app)
  • iOS (app is coming soon)

We are working on broader support and might provide a WebGL solution for plugin-free access in the future. 

Your computer should be decently new (not older than 3 years) and have a higher end graphics card (low-end laptops or netbooks with less than 4GB of RAM are not recommended).


In other cases please open a support ticket to investigate why it doesn't work for you.

Best regards,
Your SandboxGallery Support Team

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