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I'm a Photobastei client and I can't find my free exhibition


After you registered for an exhibition space at and you have been assigned your booth from the Photobastei Team, a free SandboxGallery account will be created for you, containing one free exhibition in the booth you booked.

You should be able to log in using the email and password that you used for registering at

However, if you cannot log in, or if it you don't see your free exhibition listed, then please contact us.

The automatic account creation might have failed, either because you already registered a SandboxGallery account prior to booking your box at the Photobastei, or because there was an internal error.

In any case, please create a support ticket and we will quickly set up your account.

Then you can log in, open your exhibition in the editor, upload your pictures, hang them in your section and finally publish the exhibition so that it becomes publicly visible.

Best regards,
Your SandboxGallery Support Team

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