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How do I end my subscription?


Whether you have a rental contract for a specific gallery, or whether you have a Flatrate for many exhibitions in any gallery, they both are subscriptions that you opened in your PayPal account. A subscription is a recurrent payment done by PayPal, which you can cancel at any time - at PayPal.

You can either use the [End Subscriptions] button in your Account Settings in the editor (after logging in to the Sandbox), or you can simply go to PayPal yourself and log into your PayPal account, then go to Recurrent Payments overview (or just find the respective transaction in your Recent activity list or archive). While PayPal is not the most intuitive in those matters, it is not too difficult either.

Just locate the last payment in your PayPal account, click Details and then Cancel, to stop all future payments. Your flatrate or rental contract will of course continue to be valid, till the end of the paid period.

Should you have no active subscription, your exhibitions become "limited" and cannot be accessed any more by the public (just visible to you). However, you can later at any time re-activate them by booking a new subscription or rental contract that covers them again.

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to ask us.

All the best,

Your SandboxGallery Team

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